The Protocol

Our medically developed weight loss protocol and smarter lifestyle choices education offers dieters what they really want…a structured program that can put an end to constant dieting.

50 Pounds Lost!

My name is Donna and I’m 70 years of age and I’ve reached my goal weight. A decision to go to Custom Contouring Body Spa and use their Ideal Protein Diet Protocol was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. My daughter, Leanne...


The Team

Meet The Staff at Custom Contouring







Since 2009 our team has assisted over 600 clients in reaching their weight loss goals!

Tana – Custom Contouring Owner and Ideal Protein Coach

I opened CCBS in 2009 after watching myself as well as friends and family struggle with losing unwanted weight and inches. I exercised for over 20 years on a regular basis and ate “healthy” but still could not get to my goal size. I knew there had to be an alternative so that I could reach the place I wanted to go. After doing research and trying some inch loss machines and wraps, I found the key. That was when I knew I had to share with people like me what I saw that worked. The change in my body was everything I had hoped for by using the Slimmer and UCW body wraps. We call that combination the CCBS Boot Camp… boot camp while laying on a spa bed…who wouldn’t want that?!

By late 2009 we added the next piece of the puzzle…Ideal Protein eating Protocol. My body had shrunk with treatments but I still needed to lose a little weight. By doing the IP protocol, not only did I feel amazing, those last 24 pounds melted off my body! The last piece of the puzzle was added in 2012 with the Lumicell machine. We call it the Goddess with it’s cellulite reduction and contouring powers. So finally, after years of battling, I was able to reach my goals in a few short months. That is the gift that I received with our products and treatments and the gift I hope to give to our clients.

My mission with Custom Contouring has been and will continue to be to make everyone feel fabulous in their own skin!*

Karen – Clinic Manager, Ideal Protein Coach and Treatment Specialist

May 9th 2011 I set out on what was initially a personal journey as a Mother’s Day gift to myself to gain my health back. In four months time with Ideal Protein and the treatments we offer I lost 54 pounds and 32 inches. What I gained was a rewarding lifestyle with the freedom to participate in everyday things; I have choices again to buy clothes, to travel without limitations, to play with my grandchildren and to have the energy to participate in the activities with family and friends. I have a background of 20 years in the medical field and since 2011 with Custom Contouring Body Spa I have had the privilege of helping coach our clients to their personal goals all while being supported by a caring medical community.

At Custom Contouring Body Spa I have invested in creating positive encouraging environments where everyone’s needs are met on a customized basis. I look forward to seeing our clients each week, watching them experience the great success that I feel is incredibly gratifying, and its a lot of fun too!! I credit Custom Contouring for giving me a wonderful career and a body that I love again!*

Kailee – Ideal Protein Coach and Treatment Specialist

I have been a coach and treatment specialist at Custom Contouring Body Spa since 2013. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to watch people succeed with ideal protein and transform their bodies with our treatments. In December of 2013 I completed my Bachelors Degree at UBC with a major in sociology. The “freshman fifteen” did not escape me in University in fact I have to label it the “four year fifty”! I struggled with my weight throughout my entire teenage years even as an athlete. When I started at Custom Contouring I immediately began the Ideal Protein Protocol. I have successfully lost all the weight I gained while at school and am continuing on Ideal Protein to reach my ultimate goal of a 55 pound loss.

After watching so many clients get their bodies back with our treatments I have started a regimen of the K-1 vibration platform and the Slim Smart Pro… I’ve never felt better and after struggling for so long I finally feel like I’m getting back to my old self. I cannot get through a day without a K-1 and my Chocolate Protein Drink. I love being on this journey with our clients and can’t wait to see even more successes at Custom Contouring.*

Wendy – Reception and Ideal Protein Coach

I have been working at Custom Contouring Body Spa since March of 2012. One of the most satisfying parts of my position is watching people come in and meet their goals week after week. When clients come in after experiencing even just one week of success they change their entire disposition. After a few weeks of seeing changes in themselves, clients walk into the clinic with an heir of confidence they didn’t have before. I can’t help but smile when I know that we’ve contributed to their successes and happiness. At lunch break you’re sure to catch me enjoying my favourite Ideal Protein bar, the orange wafer.


Custom Contouring Body Spa/Campbellriver is Authorized to Use the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol and Products. The testimonials on this website are those of the individual that is identified, you should not necessarily expect to receive these results. Typical results vary from person to person and individual to individual when the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is followed properly. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs.

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